As a child, I had an abundant imagination. I was able to occupy myself for hours with thoughts and fantasies. I learned everything I ever needed to know - love, fear, reverence and curiosity - from fantasy and Japanese folk tales of Yokai (supernatural monsters), which became a powerful foundation of my work. My artwork covers a broad range of media including sculpture, installations, drawing, painting and printing etc. I use various materials such as clay, plaster, terracotta, bronze, resin, etc.
There have been many turning points in my life, but the most significant one was when I visited India in 2008. I met an amazing boy with six fingers. I was surprised that people like him are regarded as sacred there. I wondered how would my own society react to someone like this. People would consider it a disability, not as something sacred or divine. That is a shame. This experience had a big impact on me and changed my world perspective. It was a turning point for me and ever since then, I have pursued the concepts of "light and darkness" "the ins and outs" and "reality and imagination " in my art.
I realized that the boy is who he is, but the perceptions of him differ according to individual opinion.
I do my best to see the whole picture but I still have much to learn. I am happy that my compass never points same direction!